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Why Auction?

As an agent for Heery Real Estate, we can handle your real estate needs in Kansas and Las Vegas, Nevada. We take and offer a variety of listings for country and residential homes, land, farms and ranches, vacant lots, wooded acreage, hunting land, recreational property and other types of country real estate. We would like an opportunity to help you market your real estate.

Giving our clients the ability to choose the sale
that will best fit their needs

Bina Auction Services offers 4 types of Auction procedure methods to market your Real Estate bringing the most money for your property.
       Open Auction                            Dual Bidding
Sealed Bid Round Table    Multi-Parcel Round System

Open Auction:
Whereas Bidders can engage in active bidding during the sale. 
The ground sells one time

Dual Bidding:
 Where-as the seller can accept and sell the property based on a reasonable bid offered prior to the Auction date.

Sealed Bid Round Table: 
All bids will be mailed to Bina Auction Service.  Top six bidders will be invited to attend a private auction where they will privately enter a bid. The bids will be retrieved, the highest bid will be the starting point for the next submittal of bids.  The person with the lowest bid two consecutive times will be withdrawn and the auction will proceed until the highest bid is accepted.  This is a great option for Buyers who don't want to be revealed as the owner.

Multi-parcel Round system:
Auction wherein each tract of real estate is first auctioned individually, followed by a period of "open bidding" on all tracts and combinations of tracts. Bids on tracts, tract combinations and the total property may be made. 

This Multi-parcel "Round system" system appears somewhat complicated at first.
However after it is explained and demonstrated prior to the beginning of the auction, both buyers and sellers can see the advantages. For the seller, we feel it definitely creates more money per tract as it gives the buyer more time to think about his bidding and also gives him the option of switching to alternative tracts if the price on his first choice goes too high. The buyer also has time to call his banker, or anyone else he needs to discuss the purchase with in order to make up his mind about his bids. If a buyer is interested in purchasing more than one tract, he can bid on any number of individual tracts or combinations of tracts. 

Bina Auction Service coordinates all aspects of these sales,
even providing lunch on the premises if necessary.  
Call today and let us introduce you to this unique type of auction and the services we offer.

In most cases, but not all, we promote the auction method to market your real estate. The auction method of marketing can reduce time, cost, provide liquidity, and net return which creates true market value.

The future of marketing real estate at auctions is growing by leaps and bounds. Sellers simply want the best net value in the most reasonable time frame. Buyers simply want the property at a fair price with the least amount of inconvenience. This is the true marketplace. Getting benefits efficiently as possible creates true value for all parties.


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