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Have you ever thought about holding a property auction but are afraid to due to the fact you have certain specialty items and know they will not bring their fair market value because of the area you are located and the local people who attend may not be interested these items. 

So you sell these items out right to people then you are left with a lot of items that are not worth putting in the local newspaper, and now you are afraid if you hold an auction, no one will attend because the property left over are not desirable.

There are many people who call auctioneers who have already sold their items and want to hold a auction for the rest.  As an auctioneer, this is a very tough decision to make because you are lack the ticket items that would have brought the potential buyers to the sale. 

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The solution to this problem is the use of the internet. 
Bina Auction Service provides the option of listing your auction Live on the internet.

Our On-line service benefits both buyer and seller.  People from all around the globe can participate in the bidding easily when these auctions are held live on the Internet, so the chances of getting a bigger selection of bidders is increased. Likewise, buyers are more likely to find the items they want thanks to online auctions. Just as there are millions of bidders, there are also millions of sellers with a wide-range of items up for auction. Another benefit is that the prices are determined by competitive bidding so sellers can usually earn a better price for their goods than if they choose a fixed-price marketplace. While this may seem like a disadvantage for buyers, it isn't always. In many cases, buyers have been able to walk away with a nice deal on the item they really wanted thanks to strategic bidding. They are unlikely to get such a bargain in a fixed-price marketplace, even if the seller is willing to engage in price negotiations.

Another benefit of both types of auctions is that they save both buyers and sellers time. For the buyer, he or she doesn't have to devote hours, weeks, or longer trying to track down an item. Instead, they can sit at their desk, search for the item, and make an offer within minutes. Sellers don't have to worry about setting up displays in trying to lure in customers. They simply create a product description, we post it using the auction software, and wait for the bidders to show up.  Also, since the entire auction process is automated, the auction can be going on while the seller deals with other business.

Another advantage to buyers who cannot attend the internet auction in person—or simply do not have an opportunity to bid live using your computer—you may leave a proxy bid via our dynamic auction system. Your bid is automatically represented up to your maximum bid amount, using increments that the auctioneer has set prior to the live auction. Your anonymity and security are assured, and let you place a bid even when you cannot attend the sale. The auto-bid feature is a convenient way to leave your bids once the auction has been posted live for previewing.

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